Houston Energy Finance Group exists to serve as a professional organization to educate men and women engaged in all matters directly affecting the energy finance industry.


• Assist in the Capital Formation process for the Energy Industry in Houston.

• Provide a forum for members to become aware of current financing alternatives and sources of capital (various financial structures used by different companies; capital sources such as commercial banks, institutions, industrial end users, industry partner opportunities, offshore and/or international sources, project finance opportunities, investment bankers and/or financial advisors, target sources for small versus large needs).

• Provide a forum for members to be aware of current and future trends in different segments of the energy industry (economic patterns, supply/demand swings, pricing forecasts, government regulation, international developments, etc.).

• Provide a forum for discussion and presentation of current problems or ideas.

• Provide a forum for those with capital and those with the need for capital to meet and discuss the requirements and desires of each.

• Provide a forum for Business Networking for Energy Executive Management and Finance Professionals.